About Us

For many years, AMG Customs Solutions Inc. has helped countless individuals and businesses with customs clearance through our North American port services. Our team has extensive knowledge of the customs brokerage industry; whenever you call, you’ll speak to someone with at least 15 years’ experience dealing with all U.S. ports, seaports, border ports, and international airports. 

Fully Licensed Customs Broker

We are a fully licensed company providing our customers with the service they deserve. When you call for help, you talk to a real person. If you email, there will be punctual replies. Our team has the patience to help each step of the way throughout the importing process. Advantageously, we provide fast clearances and quick quotes to help you expedite your importing efforts. 

Our services are available nationwide; we help our clients gain customs clearance in all U.S. ports. We handle everything within the process, starting with ACE Manifest or Import Security Filing, to paying all the duty and taxes or Securing Free Entry under one of CBP’s Special Programs.  Our experts classify and rate products efficiently and accurately, ensuring the most cost effective outcomes.  Our Consulting comes with the wisdom and experience of years of on-the-job experiences not merely reciting regulations.  Please see our services page for a full list of other accompaniments.  Our goal is to make importing seamless and easy for our clients.  And that’s what we’ve achieved in our years of service.   

When you’re looking for a customs broker and importing partner anywhere in the U.S.,  AMG Customs Solutions Inc experts are here to help. If you’d like to learn more about our services or obtain a quote, contact us at your convenience.